Do not download Foursquare

Foursquare App will ruin your app

Foursquare App will ruin your Phone

Do not download Foursquare App because it will ruin your battery on your iPhone 6. 

Foursquare is a local search and discovery service mobile app which provides search results for its users. By taking into account the places a user goes, the things they have told the app that they like, and the other users whose advice they trust, Foursquare provides recommendations of the places to go around a user’s current location.

Do not download Foursquare App because it will ruin your battery on your iPhone 6.

I have did multiple tests on three different iPhones and we have found that they will shut off at 10% battery, 5% battery and 2% Battery. If you are interested in the Foursquare app please download it elsewhere or use it through Safari.

If you think your phone is broken delete all traces of Foursquare immediately and it will fix your phone. 

The app uses technology that increases RAM (Random Access Memory) on your phone trip-fold. It’s conducive of Norton Anti-Virus on Windows. If you download iAssistant you will see the RAM usage first-hand.

Fox Engine and Metal Gear Solid 5

Konami, Kojima and The Fox Engine

One of the best series in gaming is called Metal Gear Solid created by ex-employee of Konami and one of the best looking engines i’ve ever seen.

Metal Gear Gameplay

Metal Gear Gameplay

According to Wikipedia the Engine was used on “Pro Evolution Soccer 2014,” but the same article contradicted itself and said at the end “Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain would be show the world the fox engine.” Still forgetting that “Metal Gear Ground Zero’s” showed it off already.

Well from what we’ve seen with “Metal Gear Ground Zero’s,” E3 and Gamescom with Metal Gear Phantom Pain, we now know that the Fox Engine is truly a revolutionary engine that is a contender.

I think that the Fox Engine can be used with many different Genre’s, stealth, sports, RPG’s, etc. With the expediency of which a game can be created with the engine and the dynamic feel it has is amazing.228px-Metal_gear_solid_5_the_phantom_pain_030

Butttt… Look at what Engadget wrote in 2013:

“Despite earlier comments in which Kojima stated that the Fox Engine could potentially be used for a Silent Hill entry, or perhaps a first-person shooter, the designer now believes that the engine would require a massive amount of work before it might be found in games other than Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

“Right now it’s a bit too difficult,” Kojima told Gamasutra. “While, yes, the engine has been shared around internally at Konami, a lot of maintenance will be involved if we’re to get the Fox Engine in a workable enough state to license it. At the moment there are no plans to license it to schools or other organizations.” Courtesy of Engadget.

Right now most people in the gaming industry know that Kojima is gone from Konami, but is that really fact or fiction no one knows anything is for sure, but what we know for sure is if Kojima is gone Fox engine mysteriously is the reason.

In a 2015 article we found on Google News The Fox Engine is Holding it’s own weight with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 which ultimately means that Konami in fact is using The Fox Engine for profitable gain.

Behind this big conspiracy it has definitely been one hell of a ride and The Fox Engine is holding major weight, but I can’t wait till Konami uses it since Kojima didn’t license it in 2013 and was fired jus to keep his piece of art “The Fox Engine.”

Keep on peepin’ and keep on reading!

– Daniel