Have fun with Cortana.

As any new user of Windows 10 would notice, Microsoft has bundled a new assistant named Cortana with Windows. By default Cortana is not listening to you for voice commands but can be enabled to do so, Just one checkbox in Cortana’s settings and a quick couple sentences for voice calibration and you’re ready to interact with Cortana.

Cortana can do many things. She can set appointments, reminders, and alarms. She can open applications and search Bing for you. She can tell jokes, read stories, and act like a wise-ass.

Try it just say “Hey Cortana!” then follow it with something like the following:

Open (Application name)! i.e. “Hey Cortana, open Internet Explorer!”
Remind me to … at (time)! i.e. “Hey Cortana, remind me to eat lunch at 12:30pm”
Set alarm for (time)! i.e. “Hey Cortana, set an alarm for 7:30am!”

You can even try to ask her opinions, such as:
“Hey cortana, what do you thing about Bill Gates?”
“Hey Cortana, what is your favorite Color?”
“Hey Cortana, How old are you?”
“Hey Cortana, where do you come from?

Unfortunately, Cortana will not open a webpage, all she will do is look it up in Bing. for example:
“Hey Cortana, bring up Google!” will not bring up google but will search for it in Bing..

I’m sure microsoft will continue to improve Cortana and make her more intelligent. Over all Cortana seems relatively real and human like, she even has a sense of humor. A big difference from the simple AI of a few years ago.

Cortana is a very nice feature and ive had fun the past few days messing around with her. One caveat though, disable Cortana’s automatic listening before watching a movie or listening to music, because Cortana will get desensitized to the sound of your voice by listening to your song or movie and you will have to restart your computer to fix it (maybe just resetting her would work).


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