Windows 10 Pros and Cons

Windows 10 Pros and Cons:

Hi, I’m Kevin, Lead Computer Technician for iFix of Milford.

Today, I’m going to talk about the Pros and Cons of Windows 10.

For the first time ever I can say that the Pros of a Windows OS outweigh the Cons.


1) Windows 10 is a free upgrade for windows 7/8/8.1 users.
2) Windows 10 is featuring a brand new Start Menu (Not just a button)
3) On a desktop the tablet interface is hidden and on a tablet, vice versa.
4) Windows 10 now allows windows to be resized, and moved.
5) Windows 10 includes virtual desktop support (Nice Feature)
6) The settings app is starting to equal the control panel in functionality.
7) Modern apps are generally redesigned and more useful.
8) Windows 10 will be updated indefinately. (No more complete rewrites)
9) Integrated Cortana virtual assistant


1) As most early adopters know, bugs are inevitable.
2) As Windows 10 matures features and functionality will inevitably change.
3) Vista users are out of luck for a free upgrade.
4) Microsoft Edge is a little slow.
5) It seems most apps require internet access, so may not be useful offline.
6) Supposedly device driver support isn’t finished yet… I never had problems.

I’m sure there are things that I missed, I may be kind of biased because I have been waiting multiple years for windows 8’s replacement, but in my opinion Windows 10 is a breath of fresh air. It is a return to the proper desktop ways of working that microsoft tried to force us to abandon.

To sum it all up Windows 10 is awesome.


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